jackthewizard said:

my 2 fav consoles, dont make me choose

If it makes ya
Feel any better
They both render in
16-bit sprite

SEGA Genesis was
More dynamic
And hard-edged
Since it had a palette
For the whole game
Making color choice
Rather limited

While the GBA had
More memory
But still used a
16-bit display
Giving their sprites
A more natural look
Since they weren’t as limited

detitled asked:

why is 8 the holiest number?

8 is the average number difference
Between all prime numbers
The next being 4

8’s shape is used in
Particle physics to classify
Sub-atomic particles

8 is the number of corners
In a quadrilateral, the first polygon
In a series truly flexible

8 has been used for
Almost all visual technology
Except the 4-bit consoles

8 is the first number where
The sum is two of the same numbers
Other than itself

8 itself is a balance between
Two circles, considered perfect shapes
In the world of geometry

8 is the atomic number
Of oxygen, one of the chemical components
Needed to sustain life

And finally
My favorite

8 was the number of stationary stars
Counted during the medieval times
Symbolizing perfection of planetary energy

caustic-chasm said:

This kind of dialog regarding regular world interaction exites me tho :/

Feel free to    Pelt me with any question or theory    Public or private    Always good to stimulate    Your gray matter

caustic-chasm said:

:D you’re gr8 nevr change

Never plan to    More so now that    You invoked the holiest number

caustic-chasm said:

Lol I love your art but know nothing of the linguistics keep on keepin on tho

Will do    Appreciate the go-gettim    And the peserverance    Against my psychobabble, ha ha

But the real question
To the tasteful nudes is:
16-bit of the SEGA Genesis
32-bit of the Game Boy Advance

Anonymous asked:

Martha was of no particular origin. Found you via impulses leading me to pretty colors. Found you via erogenous hairs on lower brain erecting. They salute you. Martha is my Intuition's default profile name. Dispel your confusions. Well, at least this one.

If that was the case    And the name of    No personified importance    Than I leave you    A good song    Of no particular relation    Other than situational coincidence

Letherette - Hard Martha

Also let your brain know    When they mutate and evolve    To have exodermic appendage(s)    Capable of vertical in-rotation    On a simple locked singular axis socket    I would gladly shake said limb

Why is there
So much
Non-glitch stuff
On my glitch blog

Just like I
The world
Will never know