General “hard” savings interest
In an American bank account
Equals around to ~0.05%
At $100,000 in there
You make an measly earning
Of $50 a month or two
That’s barely enough
To pay for fees
Let alone have throwing money

I may as well pull out now

Also bank’s fucking me over
With their new
Batch of fees
Because the Great Depression
Just isn’t grand enough
Of an example
For them to learn from

Next bank to deposit in
My mattress

My e-mail address
For business purposes
Haven’t changed for everyone
On Society6/Spreadshirt/PAOM
It’s no longer the gmail account

If you need it for reasons
Message me for the new e-mail

You know
What was
A good ol’
Unknown game
During the
Age of PS relics

Battle Hunter

I have no idea what
TBD: The Movie
Is all about

Only that it involves
Ronald Reagan
A stalk of celery
And a bunch of
Sick (cool) artists